Epic Marriage Proposal Wins

In this post, we look at a few outrageous marriage proposal wins. If you’re thinking of proposing to a loved one, you can use these for inspiration. Some marriage proposals are quite original – like the geeky binary code marriage proposal – or quite public – like the proposal on a New York billboard. Some proposals are less public and more traditional.

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #6: There’s something in that shell

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #5: Crazy guy who really falls for his girl

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #4: Frank’s Central Park proposal win with orchestral help

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #3: Isaac Lamb’s elaborate lip-dub proposal to Amy Frankel

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #2: Disneyland musical marriage proposal

Epic Marriage Proposal Win #1: Trailer before screening of ‘Fast Five’

UPDATE (1/12/2013)! Finally, one that I missed from list above, but one that is completely adorable…

Epic Marriage Proposal Bonus Video: Puppies deliver marriage proposal

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