10 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Opposite Sex – Part 1

In this post, we examine the first five of ten ways to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex and increase your chances of finding your ideal mate.

1. Have good personal hygiene

Beginning with good personal hygiene, looking and smelling fresh and clean can go a long way to attracting members of the opposite sex, so don’t feel too guilty about an extra minute in the shower (and bathe daily). In the shower, take care of your hair and scalp to keep them healthy, smelling good, and free from lice or dandruff. To prevent body odour, use an inoffensive deodorant, and before leaving the house lightly spray on your favourite cologne or perfume. Choosing a good cologne or perfume that matches you can be tricky, but the most important thing is not to overdo the quantity of scent you apply. Wear clean clothes, which can be a source of contamination and bad smells – dirty clothes can irritate the skin and can cause serious skin problems.

Good personal hygiene can also improve your health (in addition to the tips in #3 below). Bad breath can be a huge turn-off for your date, but can also be an indicator of poor oral health. To fight bad breath, drink plenty of water, brush and floss your teeth regularly, chew sugarless gum (chewing gum is additionally is good for the brain), check your diet is providing you with enough vitamins, avoid tobacco products, and try to avoid teeth-staining foods and drinks (like red wine, tea, coffee and cola). Soft drinks, and sports and energy drinks, are highly acidic and can do significant damage to your tooth enamel.

2. Dress appropriately to make yourself feel good about yourself

Your appearance can tell others a lot about yourself – how you care for and feel about yourself, and your attitude – and our first judgements when meeting others for the first time is a visual one. The way you dress affects how others may deal with you in a multitude of settings. The way you dress can also attract certain types of people, so you may, in fact, be attracting the wrong people with your appearance.

Think about your own image and what it is representing – is your image betraying the person inside? Is it hiding something you should be showing off to the world? If your appearance isn’t as good as it could be, you might be fighting an uphill battle to gain someone’s interest from the first glance (as a task, next time you see a stranger on the street, consciously think about the judgements you make of others at first glance). This goes for attracting dates, in the workplace (or when going for job interviews), and in social settings. But you should ALWAYS dress in a way that compliments you.

3. Eat well and exercise

Most people are attracted to members of the opposite sex who are healthy looking – calculating your BMI can assist in telling you whether you are under- or over-weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise will make you look good on the outside, feel good on the inside, and feel good about yourself, improving your attitude and making you feel happier. This positivity will project itself onto others during your daily interactions and improve your interpersonal relationships. The NHS provides good information on healthy eating and on fitness and exercise. There are so many advantages to staying active and eating well, and your social life will thank you. Men with healthy-looking, ‘glowing’ skin can be more appealing to women than masculine features, which tends to be an indicator of good health.

4. Smile!

As they say, smile and the whole world smiles with you. A friendly smile can make you feel good and can make others feel good and at ease, too. Smiling – even a forced smile – can trick your mind into feeling better, even when you aren’t feeling so great. People are more likely to trust and cooperate with people who smile. Appropriate eye contact and a nice smile can grab the attention and interest of the opposite sex, especially if you are a woman trying to attract a man. In one particular study, three fifths of women were approached by men at a bar for eye contact and a smile, compared to just one fifth for eye contact alone. Smiling can even help get you out of tricky situations, too, when you might have been a little naughty in one way or another.

5. Be kind and helpful to others

Being kind and helpful to others doesn’t just mean towards members of the opposite sex, but to anyone in general. There are so many positive ways that require little effort in which you could help someone or make them feel good. Not only do we help them, but it makes us feel better about ourselves. You could hold open doors to those following behind you, offer help to someone struggling with bags or luggage, or help tourists clearly lost and bewildered in your home town with directions. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in your local community – we are slowly losing the sense of community and working together that was once the cornerstone of society. The movie Pay It Forward shows the exaggerated results of networking good deeds, where the recipient of a favour does a favour for three others, rather than paying the favour back. To summarise, kindness makes you happy, and happiness makes you kind. These are both positive traits to attract a potential mate.

Check out Part 2, which discuss five more ways to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex!

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