10 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Opposite Sex – Part 2

In the previous post, 10 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Opposite Sex – Part 1, we examined the first five of ten ways to attract the opposite sex and increase your chances of attracting the right people in your life. In this post, we examine the second five of ten ways.

6. Be unique, interesting and dynamic

How can you stand out (in a good way) to gain attraction in the first instance? What sets you apart from the other potential dates out there? Some of the same rules apply to daters in the dating world that apply for businesses marketing their product or service or when you’re applying for a job. You want to give your date (or potential date) the impression that you would be great to be around more often. Work on a unique talent, skill, interest or hobby that sets you aside from the rest (and allows you to show off a little).

Instead of clichéd date ideas, try something different and original – push yourself outside of the comfort zone of dinner and drinks or a movie. You want to stand out from the crowd and be memorable – you could do something outside (weather permitting) or something cultural or something active. You could plan a date that reflects you and your interests – for you to enjoy without pretending you’re someone you’re not – and let your real self shine through. Life is to be enjoyed, so do something fun and/or enriching. See our post on First Date Dos and Don’ts for some more tips.

7. Be confident

Confident people are generally more positive and have a strong self-belief and a healthy ego. Confidence can be a powerful trait – it can make you more successful and can attract the attention and respect of those around you. There is a fine line, however, between someone who comes across as confident and someone who comes across as arrogant or cocky, so don’t push it too far.

Insecure people often feel jealous and this can put unnecessary strain on relationships, so it is important to come across as being comfortable with yourself (see Step 1. Love Yourself). Knowing what you want before you start looking for it is crucial, too (see Step 2. Know Yourself)! Knowing what you want and not compromising your own personal standards will come across as a confident and powerful statement, and possibly avoid heartache with the wrong person.

8. Be trustworthy

One of the most desirable, attractive traits in a long-term partner is their trustworthiness. Trustworthy people are honest, loyal, dependable and consistent, and these are all great things to have in a long-term partner. Finding someone you can share everything with – your secrets, your hopes and dreams, and your ups and downs – without judgement or fear of them sharing this information with others is something everyone hopes for. For more on this topic, see Find Keep Love’s post on 10 Ways To Become Trustworthy & More Trusting.

9. Be emotionally stable and available

We all need to get things off our chests occasionally – and this, of course, is healthy – but no-one wants to date someone who’s always complaining about others or whinging about past relationships. Bringing emotional baggage to a new relationship can be detrimental to the chances of it achieving its full potential. Emotionally stable and available people appear solid and dependable, and having someone as a mate who can provide rational, emotional support is very attractive. Being available emotionally allows you to engage with others emotionally, and emotionally available people don’t run away from true intimacy, allowing deeper bonds to form quicker.

10. Be sexy (and use your sexuality)

Women have perfected over many thousands of years the power of being sexual and using their sexuality/sex appeal as a powerful tool to attract men. Men can be sexy, too, and can use their own sex appeal to attract women. Men and women think quite differently (see our post on 10 Things Men Want Women To Know & Women Want Men To Know for some great examples), and this is especially true when it comes to sex and sexuality! Acknowledging and understanding the difference between men and woman and what motivates the behaviour of each sex is the first step to understanding the rules of the ‘game’ and to knowing what the right things are to say and do for attracting (and turning on) the opposite sex. ‘Sexy’ is defined differently for different people, and like #6 above, everyone has their own way of being sexy, and it doesn’t just mean physical sexiness! The mind is a powerful thing – being interesting and passionate about something can be sexy, and intelligence can be sexy. A good sense of humour and wit can also be sexy. As a man, being sexy can mean being strong, brave and/or confident, and your masculinity can be used to your advantage. The most important thing is to use your strengths to your advantage to be the sexiest person you can be.

In summary, in addition to the five ways in Part 1, the ten ways to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex are

1. Have good personal hygiene
2. Dress appropriately to make yourself feel good about yourself
3. Eat well and exercise
4. Smile (but check your teeth!)
5. Be kind and helpful to others
6. Be unique, interesting and dynamic
7. Be confident (without being arrogant or cocky)
8. Be trustworthy
9. Be emotionally stable and available
10. Be sexy (and use your sexuality)

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10 Things Men Want Women To Know & Women Want Men To Know

Find Keep Love recently asked for your participation for a blog post on 10 Things Men Want Women To Know and Women Want Men To Know. Here’s the text from the original post:

All relationships improve with better communication, so let’s take the gloves off, and let the opposite sex know what we’re really thinking (completely anonymously, of course!). Ladies, what do you want men to know about, but never had the guts to say? What are we still not understanding that we should be?! And fellas, what do you want the ladies to know? Be open, be candid, and give them a sneak peek into what really goes on in the male mind.

10 Things Men Want Women To Know

Here are the top 10 responses from men about what they want women to know. Thanks to the contributors B.S., M.T., J.E., scottie89, and R.S.

  1. Men don’t always want to have sex on the first few dates. Well actually, to put it more accurately, we’re happy to wait a few dates to get to know each other before diving straight into the bedroom. If a man seems desperate for it/you, it (sex) might be all he wants you for. It’s fine if a sexual relationship is all you want, but if you want a real relationship with feelings, find a man who wants to get to know you first. If a man really likes you, he will wait (a reasonable amount of time!). We actually respect a woman who doesn’t give herself up so easily, but don’t make up silly rules like “I wait five dates (or three months or something else) before sleeping with someone.”
  2. Men have just as many emotions as women – we just deal with them alone or by ignoring them. When dealing with our feelings, we need our space and time with the boys, and most of the time, don’t need to communicate them verbally.
  3. Women don’t really need to spend so much time getting “pretty” for us – with the make-up and the multiple changes of dress. You look better with little to no make-up than with lots – most men really aren’t very superficial. And if you dress sexy – in a tight dress or with a large amount of cleavage – don’t then complain when you catch us staring!
  4. I go to the gym often and see some girls with make-up on and with nicely made-up hair. But you know what? A lot of guys find a girl working out, looking natural, with some sweat and in tight clothing is pretty damn sexy! And if we’re checking you out, we’re mostly looking at your body, not your make-up and hair.
  5. We really wish you’d get ready quicker. An hour getting ready is an hour of life you’re missing out on! Here’s proof: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2578041/Women-spend-3276-hours-getting-ready.html.
  6. Men are far less interested in looks than women think. We are visual creatures and look at aesthetically pleasing women, but any grown up man has looks fairly low down on his ideal partner list. Heterosexual men don’t pick beauty models (and the ones that do, I don’t think are grown up enough, or are extremely gorgeous themselves). Men in general like curves, bigger bums and breasts – probably because curvy figures appear healthier in relation to reproduction. We really don’t like stick-figured women or those who look like teenage boys. Sizes in the range 10-14 should be ideal for most men.
  7. Some ladies need to stop living in romantic fantasies. That a Ryan Gosling look-alike with a perfect body and lots of money is going to sweep them off their feet, with a perfect personality and perfect romanticism. No man is like that in real life – it is quite a lot of effort for us to be even moderately romantic. A lot of men do try in their own way, but we can’t live up to the fantastical expectations of this alternate reality. We also get confused by what you actually want: do you want a sexy, macho, manly man or a sensitive, romantic guy? You can’t have both.
  8. If men don’t have confidence in their opinions, or feel they’re at a stage in the relationship where they can be completely honest, they will say what they think are expected to say. This is especially true in regard to looks and the topic of whether or not we want commitment and/or kids.
  9. Emotional blackmail works, but it just isn’t cool. We concede arguments when you make them personal, but it doesn’t mean we don’t resent you afterwards for playing that card.
  10. You can please a man quite simply with good food and good sex. Fill our belly (the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!), and fulfill our sexual needs, and we’re all yours. And stroke our confidence and ego, especially in a sexual way, and you’ve got us locked in for good!

10 Things Women Want Men To Know

Here are the top 10 responses from women about what they want men to know. Thanks to the contributors Fart Hater, One Girl, E.H., D., and M.E.

  1. Body smells and noises are not funny, they don’t smell good and they’re one of the biggest turn-offs for a woman. My husband does them all the time then laughs like an excited schoolgirl at my reaction! Our bed is a sanctuary and I don’t like falling asleep in a dutch oven. But by far the worst are farts during sex. Just gross! I know it’s a normal bodily function, but have some etiquette, please!
  2. There are some simple toilet habits we’d love you men to learn – they really are simple, but some men just don’t get it. Firstly, putting the toilet seat down – it takes less than a second, and means that in the middle of the night we won’t sit down on a cold, sometimes urine-splattered rim. Next, if you happen to miss the bowl or splash around the edges, it shouldn’t be our job to clean it up. It isn’t nice to step in your wee, it smells and it stains. Finally, for number twos, there’s air freshener, a window and/or an extractor fan for a purpose and no-one other than you is proud of the smell. And if you leave skidmarks, please use the toilet brush.
  3. Don’t say what you think I want to hear, I want you to be honest and open with me, but also use some tact when doing so. You should also know the difference between big lies and little lies (your life depends on it!)
  4. Do not sit and watch me clean the house up from top to bottom, and then after I have spent hours doing it, ask me if I need any help! The same goes for when I’m making dinner.
  5. We don’t want to keep seeing pictures of your junk. We are not as visually stimulated as you, and penises aren’t that attractive, even when they’re erect. If we want to see, we’ll ask you – until then, keep it in your pants. “My name is John. Here’s a photo of my penis.” is not an acceptable introduction.
  6. When having sex and intimate moments, learn to read my body and my reactions, instead of fumbling around in the dark and just going for the kill! It takes a lot longer for a woman to hit a sexual high than a guy (despite what adult videos might show) and you need to realise this!
  7. Each woman’s body is different and remember that what may have worked in the bedroom for a previous partner might not work for me. Some women are more sensitive than others, some less so. Take your time reading your partner’s body to find out what she likes, but keep it interesting – mix it up a bit and don’t do the same thing over and over again.
  8. It’s nice to see a man’s emotional side every now and then, and to hear from you that you love and care for us. You can still be manly but affectionate, and caring and sensitive, and we won’t think any less of you. It’s also okay to cry occasionally! It’s part of being human.
  9. Romance is important, particularly after the first stages of dating. Too many men are romantic at first, and then lose it after a while (or stop trying?). We need our emotional side satisfied with love and affection. We love romantic surprises every now and then, so don’t be shy in giving them!
  10. Stay sexy for us. Take care of your appearance and try not to become too comfortable in the relationship. We do love you for who you are, but it is difficult to find someone attractive who has let themselves go – both weight-wise and in terms of their personal hygiene.

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